Lorenza Izzo Battles 1960s Attitudes In Women Is Losers Trailer

Look At The Moon Pictures releases a new trailer for Lisette Feliciano’s new drama film, Women Is Losers, starring Lorenza Izzo and Simu Liu.

An official trailer has been released for Lissette Feliciano’s upcoming drama film, Women Is Losers. The feature marks Feliciano’s directorial debut and has bagged a breakout cast, boasting the likes of Green Inferno’s Lorenza Izzo and Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu. Premiering at the South by Southwest festival in March, the film is currently awaiting its release to HBO Max on October 18.

In the new trailer shared by Look At The Moon Pictures, attitudes towards women in the 1960s are immediately made apparent by Liu’s character, Gilbert: “Your time is worth half of a man’s. That might change in the future.” Providing a first look at Lorenza Izzo as Celina, viewers quickly get an idea of the challenges she is about to face romantically, financially and academically. Her heart-wrenchingly modest hope in the film also appears to be set out by Liu: “You want to buy a house, so you can never be kicked out.”

As well as helming the film, Feliciano also penned the script and produced, alongside David Ortiz. Inspired by true stories and set in 1960s San Fransisco, Women Is Losers follows the story of a catholic school girl, Celina Guerra, as she fights against the oppression of poverty and the discrimination of her era. Joining Izzo and Liu are fellow cast mates Bryan Craig, Chrissie Fit, Liza Weil, Cranston Johnson, Alejandra Miranda, and Steven Bauer. The film is scheduled to arrive on HBO Max on October 18.