Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Back Up Time Travel Plot Rumors

New set photos from Indiana Jones 5 reveal actors dressed as Roman gladiators, further supporting the theory that the plot will feature time travel.

New behind-the-scenes set photos from Indiana Jones 5 seem to back up time travel plot rumors. The plot of the untitled next film in the Indiana Jones franchise is still shrouded in secrecy; however, various set photos released over the last year have led many to speculate about what the plot may revolve around. For instance, photos from back in June of this year suggest the new movie will involve flashbacks that see a de-aged Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones 5 director, James Mangold, has stated the upcoming adventure film will take place in the 1960s. This has been particularly interesting to fans considering the other information that has come out about the project. For example, a recent video from the Indiana Jones set confirmed the sequel will see the return of the Nazis in some form or another. By the 1960s, Nazi Germany had long since surrendered. This hints at a prevailing rumor that the plot of Indiana Jones 5 will involve time travel to some degree.

New photos published online by The Daily Mail from the Indiana Jones 5 set further back up the time travel plot rumors. The photos reveal a group of actors dressed up as Roman gladiators. In one photo, the gladiators are seen with swords, shields, and spears standing outside a large rowboat. Another photo shows the Roman actors actually in the rowboat, about to row in a nearby river. Finally, an additional photo shows the soldiers behind a barricade, charging forward with their swords in the air.

The Indiana Jones franchise has a long history of including fantastical elements into its movie plots. The first film in the franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark, involved the supernatural in way of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Temple of Doom, the sequel to Raiders, revolved around black magic and ritualistic sacrifice. Going further, the latest installment in the series, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, infamously incorporated aliens into the plot. Given all this, it’s looking like the fantastical element of the Indiana Jones 5 plot may in fact include time travel. The avid rumors are evidenced by the set photos above that show Roman gladiators, who were ancient history by the 1960s, as well as previous set photos and videos released from the project.

As mentioned before, the plot of the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel is still being as heavily guarded as the Ark of the Covenant. While the set photos above likely hint at plot points from the movie, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire film with revolve around time travel. However, considering the fact that Indiana Jones 5 is set in the 1960s, time travel is really the only narrative feature that makes sense if both Nazis and Roman gladiators are set to appear in the finished movie. If that is the case, whether fans will take kindly to a de-aged version of star Harrison Ford remains to be seen.