Halloween Ends Director Teases Final Movie’s New Twist Ending

Halloween Ends director David Gordon Green says he just came up with a brand new twist on the ending of his Halloween trilogy’s final film.

Halloween Ends director David Gordon Green teases a brand new twist ending for his trilogy’s final film. Green and co-writer Danny McBride revived the horror franchise with 2018’s Halloween, which acted as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original while ignoring every other entry in-between. The first of two planned sequels, Halloween Kills, releases today, October 15, while Halloween Ends is currently scheduled for October 14, 2022.

Green’s Halloween is set 40 years after Michael Myers’ original killing spree, and the lifelong trauma that resulted for survivor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) also left her prepared for his return. Though the film ended with Michael trapped in Laurie’s burning home, Halloween Kills trailers have revealed that he survives, and the trilogy’s second film continues that very same night. However, Green has already confirmed that Halloween Ends will jump ahead to present-day, leaving fans wondering how Laurie and Michael’s story will find resolution.

In an interview with THR, the director describes his next film as tonally very different from its predecessors, stemming from his own interests as a filmmaker. Green mentions the possibility of some genre-mixing at the end of his Halloween trilogy, and even teases fans with the possibility of a twist ending. As of the interview, though, he’s the only one who knows what it is:

[Halloween Ends is] very different in tone from Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, and I think that’s part of my self-indulgence. I very often jump around in genres and explore different themes and characters through movies. I just came up with a new twist ending on the ending that existed a couple weeks ago, and that’s something that only I hold the piece of paper that has those words on it. So no spoilers here.

While Green has confirmed his Halloween Ends script is finished, saved for notes he’ll receive from Carpenter, very little is known about the film’s plot. He and the other filmmakers have described a twofold intention behind Halloween Kills, which they conceived of as a middle-entry without the pressures of concluding the story: expand the scope to show the response of the people of Haddonfield to Michael’s killings; and create a fun piece of slasher cinema. The next film, however, is burdened with bringing Laurie and Michael’s saga to a satisfying conclusion, which Green has assured Halloween Ends will accomplish.

Depending on how fans respond to Halloween Kills, the idea of a twist ending to the trilogy is either exciting or unnerving. While series star Curtis has claimed only having cursory discussions with Green about the next film, she warns that, even if she believes it to be a good way to end the story, Halloween Ends could end up angering audiences | though it’s unlikely she’s seen this latest, twisty draft. Given the nature of the horror saga, fans are likely expecting that the final confrontation between Michael and Laurie will end in death, either for both participants or just one. How exactly this could be twisted on its head is unclear, but everyone is probably just hoping Halloween Ends doesn’t chalk everything up to druids again.